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Thursday, May 2

Iron Man 3

Yesterday, I was able to watch Iron Man 3 with my siblings. I insisted on watching it in 3D due to the fact that I've never seen a full-length 3D movie before. However, when the film ended I felt a bit disappointed with all the 3D stuff in it. I really thought the film will be much more awesome with my 3D glasses on. The movie was great but maybe I just expected too much since it was my first 3D movie ever. So go 3D if you want to, but I strongly recommend that you watch it in regular 2D theaters.

For the benefit of those who have not seen the movie yet, I will not spoil anything. I just have to say that I hate the 'Clean Slate'. Go watch it to find out why. I'm sure some of you who had already seen the film feels the same way too. And since this is probably the last in the series, I must say that Iron Man 3 is the best of the three. But if Robert Downey, Jr. decides to sign up for another one then that's another story.

Most of the people inside the theater left when the closing credits started, clearly unaware of Marvel's post-credits scenes. Iron Man 3's post-credits scene was hilarious! Be sure not to miss it. And lastly, the final line at the very end of the film was actually intriguing, leaving me wondering about Iron Man's fate in the Phase Two of The Avengers.

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