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Friday, April 19

Survivor: Caramoan - The Three Amigos

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched the most recent episode of Survivor then watch it now!
Finally! The Stealth R Us kingpin is out of the game, thanks to the Three Amigos: Malcolm, Reynold, and Eddie. Reynold won immunity while Malcolm found his second hidden immunity idol and gave Eddie the other one during the craziest Tribal Council ever. With the three outcasts having immunity and all members of Stealth R Us alliance except Erik stuck with the split vote plan, the Specialist was voted out and became the second member of the Jury. Well played, Amigos, well played.

Everybody's happy but Phillip. He's so confident with the game he opted out of the immunity challenge right away. His story about being trapped underwater during his childhood is not even a valid reason for not participating. The metal grate challenge in last week's episode is much more scarier than this week's challenge. So, is the story even true?
Phillip's confidence didn't saved him from being voted out and joined Michael in the Jury. Now, what's next for the Three Amigos? The numbers game stands 6-3 in favor of Stealth R Us. The Amigos must pull another crazy stunt to survive the next Tribal Council.

Here's next week's preview:

Next time on Survivor: Will Sherri and Erik join the Three Amigos? And everyone's favorite challenge is back! The Survivor Auction!

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