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Friday, May 3

Survivor: Caramoan - 2 split votes, 1 perfect blindside

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched the most recent episode of Survivor then watch it now!

Since Malcolm was voted out, I lost the will to watch the remaining episodes of Survivor. He's been my bet since last season and I thought he will redeem himself and win this time. Unfortunately, he's on the Jury side again. He played well in the game but still finished earlier than I expected and that really sucks. Now with Malcolm out of the game, what's there left to see? Then I thought, why not watch how the former Stealth R Us alliance will slit each other's throat?

This week's episode featured two immunity challenges and two Tribal Councils. The first immunity challenge, I believe was designed for Reynold and Eddie since Jeff mentioned both of them after Malcolm's torch was snuffed last Tribal. The winner of the challenge receives a clue to a hidden immunity idol (which Malcolm failed to find last time) in addition to the immunity necklace. However, after seeing donuts and a glass of milk, Eddie jumped out of the challenge with Erik, leaving Reynold fighting for immunity. But in the end, Andrea won the challenge and found the idol later with the help of her allies. Andrea wanted Brenda out but no one joined her plan. At Tribal Council, the remaining Stealth R Us members split their votes between the last two Amigos. Reynold was voted out as expected.

The second immunity challenge was dominated by Erik and won his first individual immunity. Back at camp, Andrea still wants to blindside Brenda. Cochran became suspicious about it and planned to blindside Andrea instead. But since Andrea has an idol, Cochran convinced the rest to split the vote between Andrea and Eddie. If Andrea plays her idol, Eddie's gone. At the second Tribal Council, Cochran's plan worked out when Andrea did not play her idol. The blindside sent a stunned Andrea to the Jury. Clearly, she didn't see that one coming. So now, we're down to the final six. The end is near!

Here's next week's preview:

2 episodes to go before Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs Favorites 2 wraps up!

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