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Friday, March 15

Survivor: Caramoan - Brandon vs Phillip

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched the most recent episode of Survivor then watch it now!

I've been watching Survivor US since a local channel made it available here in the Philippines. I became a fan ever since and watched the show religiously. Through the years, each season has its own ups and downs and has featured historic Survivor firsts. But last night's Survivor first is the most surprising and unpleasant to date.
I have never seen anyone act like what Brandon did last night. Watching him spilling rice and beans all over the camp just makes me wish he never returned to the show at all. What a disappointment. This is not the Brandon I used to know in South Pacific. This season's Brandon is unstable, damaged, and unacceptable. Something is seriously wrong with him and I believe he needs professional help. It just concerns me that people blame everything to Russell Hantz. In my opinion, Russell Hantz is the best Survivor castaway that ever played the game. Brandon on the other hand is a loose canon. I hope people stop comparing the two. May God Bless Brandon.
Fans of the show know that Phillip is annoying and at some points, entertaining. But triggering Brandon's rampage? Unbelievable. The rest of the Favorites did not take him seriously, not one bit. The Special Agent is just playing his own game and unfortunately, Brandon has low tolerance for Phillip's unique characteristics. I'm just glad Jeff Probst was able to control the situation before it gets ugly. It's a good thing Brandon respects Jeff and the "Tribal Council" went smoothly. This is by far the most intense episode in the history of Survivor.

Here's next week's preview:

Next time on Survivor: Corinne vs Phillip and a twist. Will it be a tribe switch, a merge, a both-tribes-going-to-tribal or something new?

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