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Monday, September 15

PDA 2 Grand Star Dreamer: Laarni Lozada

Laarni Losala, now known as Laarni Lozada became the Grand Star Dreamer of the recently concluded second season of the Pinoy Dream Academy, garnering a total of 651,696 text votes or 35.21% of the total votes.

Jay "Bugoy" Bugayan, also known as Bugoy Drilon placed 2nd with 29.70% (549,760 votes); Miguel Mendoza, 3rd with 13.69% (253,412 votes); Leizel Garcia, 4th with 13.36% (247,346 votes); Van Pojas, a.k.a. Van Roxas placed 5th with 6.06% (112,065 votes); and Cris Pastor placed 6th with only 1.97% (36,487 votes) of the total text votes.

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photo from the PDA Multiply site

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